Adult Ballerina Project

A lot of us did ballet as a child, usually taking a year or two of classes before giving it up for another sport, activity or hobby. Many of us dreamed of being ballerinas as a little kid, but I never thought I’d get a second chance at it. But I did.

I moved to Philadelphia for college and loved everything it had in terms of art: musicals, events, museums and other venues. It wasn’t until my junior year I decided to take a hip-hop class with a friend. I had always wanted to try ballet, but it took me awhile to sum up the courage to make it to a class with Philly Dance Fitness.

I started Adult Ballerina Project in a class called the Entrepreneurial Journalist. Although it started as a class project, it quickly became more than that. It helped me reach a community of adult dancers for me to interact with. They helped me gather reasons why you should do ballet as an adult. I also began interviewing some of them for my blog, including one of the first people I found as inspiration, Legal Ballerina. I’ve also written several posts designed to help people out as they start ballet. One of my favorites has been Strengthening Ankles.

Today, Adult Ballerina Project is in the process of evolving. I recently moved to my own webhost, giving me greater control over my website. I’m also in the process of gathering more interviews as well as people to guest post on the blog and contribute regularly. I’ve also expanded to more than just ballet as I write about my experiences in cross-training including my new favorite activity: running.

I’m hoping to make the site even greater in the future and create a true community for adult ballerinas and those looking to start ballet. You’re never too old to start.

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