Couch to Half Marathon

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In high school I ran. I wouldn’t call myself a runner since the only reason I was on the trackLyndsie team was to stay in shape for basketball. But I ran none the less. I enjoyed running.

During my junior year in high school, after several bad sprained ankles and just naturally bad feet, I had to stop running. Now fast forward to last November. I decided I wanted to run again. But not just going for the occasional run, I wanted to be a runner. I got the brilliant idea that I would run the Chicago half marathon the following September (this past weekend in fact). I had the plan all worked out.

 Step 1 – couch to 5k program, run a 5k

Step 2 – run a 10k

Step 3 – run the Chicago half marathon

This is after not running for, oh I don’t know, 8 years or so. Over zealous much? In my mind it would be a piece of cake. Carl and I went to a running store and analyzed my stride to find the perfect shoe. Then the program began. At first it was great. I was doing more walking than running. But when the running increased so did the pain. I was crushed. But I was also determined. I went to a podiatrist and signed up for 6 weeks of physical therapy. I wanted so badly to be a runner, as if it were the only way to boost my physical fitness. My view was warped into this equation:

Fitness = Running

Fast forward again, to today. I have learned there are other ways to stay fit. Strength training is now major part of my workout routine. Through this training my legs and hips (really my entire body) are stronger. I have just begun doing running intervals on the treadmill and have been pain free. I am confident in my ability to run and have set a new goal for myself.

Don’t worry, it’s not over the top ridiculous like the half marathon. :)

Today I registered for my first 5k!! Wooohooo! I am super excited to start training and race in October.


My mantra is slow and steady wins the race. I am not entering this to run super fast or to beat a pr (I don’t have one yet). I am entering because I want to finish – because I can finish. My goal is to run the entire 3.1 miles but if I have to walk a bit I’m ok with that. So, on October 2nd Carl and I will be running our little hearts out together. In the mean time, I will be documenting my training progress here on the blog.


I would love to hear about your first 5k (or any race) and what training tips you might have for a beginner. Bring on the advice people! :)

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  1. I can really see this couch to half marathon trend taking off! Everyone has heard of couch to 5k but why stop at 5k when you can do a half…you get a bigger medal that is for sure!