The Wellness Journey

I’ve never been a skinny girl. It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t want to be. I had an unhealthy relationship with food that got so bad that I was eating 900 calories for an entire day! Sitting down to count out every protein, carb, and fat gram that passed my […]


I stood there and gaped at my reflection in the mirror.  Having not worn a swimsuit in 7 months, I’d expected to look a little pasty, a little momish, maybe even a little frumpy…but WHAT was THIS?  WHO was this CREATURE standing in front of me all misshapen and upholstered?!?  I certainly had not given her permission […]

Finding Happiness Through Health and Fitness

Happiness. It’s something we all desire and something we should all strive for. It’s also something that is different for every single person. For me, happiness comes from a number of things. First and foremost, I find happiness in the people I surround myself with. My family, my friends, and my boyfriend – everyone that […]

The Runivore

People often ask me why I love to run.  The easiest way I can answer this is that running is part of who I am.  I don’t feel right if I don’t run.  In the same way I don’t feel right if I’m not spending time in my kitchen making great, wholesome meals to nourish […]

Chasing the Top

In today’s society, we are pressed with a world of professionals. Whether it be professional athletes, movie stars or doctors, we are always held at the exposure of glorification. With that being said, comparison of one’s self to desired professional is inevitable.  Believe it or not though, I support this. I encourage this comparison to […]

Project Unfluff

I have no shame in saying that I am hilarious. Humor has always been my thing. It’s the personality trait I am most proud of and I use humor in as many situations as possible. It also also been my shield or perhaps the more awesome sounding: weapon of mass distraction. Distraction from what you […]

Small Steps

“That’s it. Let’s do it. Let’s do an abs challenge!” she exclaimed. She didn’t have to say it again. I was all in. “Hell yes! Summer 2013, here we come!” I said. We’d been dancing around the topic for weeks so I knew this was coming. And it made perfect sense. She’s my personal trainer […]

Adult Ballerina Project

A lot of us did ballet as a child, usually taking a year or two of classes before giving it up for another sport, activity or hobby. Many of us dreamed of being ballerinas as a little kid, but I never thought I’d get a second chance at it. But I did. I moved to […]

Sweat Once a Day

I am many things. Among these things, I am a RUNNER… a Marathon Runner, who is obsessed with perfecting Bikram yoga. In the past, I would have never called myself, “a runner.” However, it is funny how people grow and change.  Now after running for six years, completing two full marathons, I have found a true love for the sport.  And […]