Hi I'm Rita, the Founder of Fitblogger

Ever try to completely redesign your life, one amazing, profound step at a time?

Some of us have come from a very unhealthy place and find that writing a fitness blog has changed our lives, while others have always enjoyed healthy living and have found fitness blogging a fantastic way to share their passion with the world.

The fitness blogging community is an amazing, supportive, incredible place to find, not just like minded people, but fantastic information, resources and inspiration as well.

Fitblogger is a place meet other healthy living blogger, support each other and get incredible information from other fitness bloggers.

So whether you hope to start running one day, learn new healthy recipes or just meet some amazing other fitness blogs friends, you’ll find it here.

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Blogging takes an incredible amount of time to do well, and many blogging work for the love of sharing information and this community. If you’re one of those people but would like to blog and possibly make some money, we would love to have you review a product on Fitblogger. Any original reviews can contain your affiliate links to help you earn income from your informed opinion. Find out more about how to submit a fitness product review on our site here.


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Blogging can be your profession.

In the beginning, it may be entirely mystifying how that’s at all possible, but it is.  Having a professional blog design is part of it and we have set up a service to do just that for a fraction of what people normally charge.  Why? Because we’re here to help advance fitness blogs in any way we can and if making you look good fits that mission, we’re here to do it.

We do everything from blog design, Blogger to WordPress transfers, graphic design, and a complete blog makeover/consultation service that can help you completely overhaul your blog, teach you the ways to make money online and mentor you along the way.