10 Things First-Time Marathoners Should Know

If “run a marathon” is on your list of 2013 goals, then I would like to give you a few tips to help you reach that goal and learn to love running even more. These are things that I wish I knew before I ran my first one, as well as some training and racing […]

Are You Thinking About Running A Half-Marathon?

Appears courtesy of My (Mostly) Healthy Life. I understand how scary it can be to make a commitment as big as training to run a half-marathon. In January of this year, I took on that challenge really not understanding what I was signing myself up for. A girl I work with convinced a few people in our […]

Stretching Routine for Runners

Appears courtesy of o2be Fit Mom. Took the dog for a quick run this morning and came back to get a good stretch in. A lot of people do not take the time to stretch when what they really don’t realize is that there is a HUGE benefit to stretching post workout (run, cycling, lifting, etc. ) […]

Boston Marathon Recap

Appears courtesy of Making a Run For It. I know I was very public about this yesterday, but I’m going to voice this one more time. Boston, I love you. This may ramble on, and I don’t apologize if it does.   packet pickup! When I started receiving more heat warning emails from the Boston Athletic Association […]

Why I Ran the 9th Mile Second

Article courtesy of Wellness without Pity. Sometimes, even for a regular runner, there is that workout that looms ahead, being all intimidating and ominous and messing with your head. For me, it was the nine miles I needed to run last weekend in preparation for the Mardi Gras Half Marathon. I’ve been adding one mile […]

A Hill Workout from a Different Life

Appears courtesy of Fast and Furious Fitness. As regular readers of my blog know, I was posted in China a few years ago. My last posting was in the U.S., and while I used to work out regularly in the US, and continued to do so when I came to China, for some reason, I […]

Sprinting: The best exercises you can do?

Sprints are one of the best exercises that you can do, period. These are great! I don’t care if it’s bodyweight exercises, weight training routines, or a combination of the two – sprints need to make up a part of your routine. Note that when I say “sprint”, I mean “sprint” – not “run”, or […]

Is one stroller all your family will need?

Appears courtesy of JoggerMom. As a stroller veteran I can almost positively tell you that your house, vehicle or garage will be filled with at least 2 or 3 strollers all serving different purposes. As your baby gets older you see what works and does not work because quite frankly every stroller is great when […]

I am a runner

Appears courtesy of Living the Hike Life. I am a runner.  Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it, but running is a part of me.  I love to push my body to its limits and see how far I can take it.  I love to know that I can go outside and run for […]