Couch to Half Marathon

Appears courtesy of High Cotton Livin’. In high school I ran. I wouldn’t call myself a runner since the only reason I was on the track team was to stay in shape for basketball. But I ran none the less. I enjoyed running. During my junior year in high school, after several bad sprained ankles […]

Is it time to replace those running shoes?

Appears courtesy of Kassy at TRX Runaholic Diary. It’s difficult to know when exactly it is necessary to replace those pair of running shoes. Others seem to struggle letting go of their favorite pair especially when it doesn’t seem to work for their foot anymore. I’ve say it stated that you have to replace running […]

Did You Miss It?

While everyone’s enjoying their Memorial Day Long Weekend or in Canada, a Monday, here’s the top ten most popular posts we’ve published recently so you can enjoy some fab fitness reading on your lazy Monday at the lake (or your busy Monday at the office)     12 Week Weight Training Program with Fitness Logs […]

If You Would Have Told Me a Year Ago:My First 5K

Appears courtesy of Eclipsed No More. A year ago if you’d told me that I’d purposely run without something or someone chasing me, I’d have told you that you were crazy. I tried running once or twice.  The first time I recall was in junior high – back in the days before it was called […]

When running becomes satisfaction…

Appears courtesy of MaryBeth Moore. That sounds like an impossible achievement for so many runners (especially beginners). But to some, being able to say/and believe that ‘statement,’ is right front of them…and they just haven’t found it yet. So how do you find it? Is it in the temple of ‘holy run gods’ that you […]

Couch to 5K: On Hold

I have come out of my funk and this week I am recommitted and focused.  I have scheduled myself time to go to the gym everyday and getting my family exercise room fixed up.  And I am letting go of the Couch to 5K training, for now. After I went to the doctor today, she […]

Couch to 5k: Did I take on TOO much?

I am struggling lately. Really struggling. Not only do I feel I am letting readers down, here, my own blog, and that other Woman’s Day blog, but most importantly, I let myself down. I crashed. I burned. And lately, I feel like I am just sitting in a heap and can’t move. My eating has […]

Featured Blog: Feet in Motion

Since it’s almost the New Year, a lot of people might make some running resolutions like:
1. Run a 5k
2. Finish a marathon
3. Become a runner
4. Or plainly just to start running
I know I made resolutions or goals to get PR’s. So maybe these tips will help us all to achieve what we want when it comes to running. Here’s the highlights from the list of 101 things:

Couch to 5K Week 4: Jules

So, I have a confession. I didn’t train this past week. C25K…fail.