Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get listed in the Fitblogger Directory ?

A. Just head over to the Directory and create your own listing, complete with photo, description and link to you site!

Q. How do I get my blog featured?

A. It’s as easy as entering your blog and email address into the form that you can find on this page. Not every blog submitted is going to be featured. Blog’s must be of a personal nature and be posted on regularly. By regularly we mean there shouldn’t be tumbleweeds blowing across your blog but you don’t have to post daily.  If you blog is primarily a commercial enterprise, or an attempted commercial enterprise (i.e. Google adwords is all we see when we go there or is a “personal” blog with links to “lose weight fast” books and programs, you’re likely not going to be featured.

We take great pride here in showcasing and supporting small, personal blogs and not to have this resource exploited for other reasons. All decisions are made by the editorial staff of Fitblogger and are final.

Q. I submitted my blog for a featured day and haven’t heard anything yet? Do I need to re-submit it?

A. When a blog is received for a feature, it’s entered into our editorial calendar in the order received. You will receive an email at least 2 weeks prior to your day to ensure you have plenty of time to complete the post. We do receive a large number of submissions so the wait can be a few months.  Please get your blog in as soon as possible so we can get you scheduled.

Q. What kind of articles does Fitblogger publish? Do they have to be original?

A. We publish informational articles, how-tos, recipes, race recaps and more. Motivational stories are also welcome of a more personal nature. Take a look at some of the content that is published on the site to get an idea of the sort of posts that would be appropriate. If you’re still unsure, feel free to send us an email.

Articles can be previously published on your blog but if you’re submitting a guest post that’s appeared on someone else’s blog, please check with them first. Most blogs expect guest posts to be original material, and to not be submitted elsewhere.  Priority is given to original material that is submitted.

Q. Are my articles published as is or do they get edited or is their a word limit?

A. All articles are reviewed and edited for grammar, spelling and content clarity. If an article has a lot of personal content that makes sense on a personal site, that information may be removed to make the article more applicable to a wider audience. This is not a reflection on the writer, Fitblogger is just not a personal site so we try and provide information as opposed to day to day happenings that we do on a personal site.  There are no word limits, except we like the featured blog posts around 400-600 words. However, the main focus is always the quality of the content so if the words are necessary, longer articles are fine too.

Q. How can I get involved? How can I help out the site?

A. This one is a question we receive a lot. And it’s fantastic that everyone is so enthusiastic about the site. There may be a time in the future, when some of the editorial tasks are covered by multiple individuals, but for now, simply sharing the content from our site on social sites such as Stumbleupon, is the most helpful. Tweeting posts, mentioning the site to new blogs you come across, posting our badge on your site; all are great ways to spread the word and help us out.

Q. Does Fitblogger do link exchanges?