What’s In It? Fruit Nut Bar Round-up Part 2

Part 1 of the Fruit Nut Bar Round-up covered LaraBar, 22 Days Nutrition and Kind Snacks. All of these are bars I would eat in a pinch, but I was kind of surprised that only the 22 Days Nutrition bars use organic ingredients. I am lucky enough to have 22 Days Nutrition sending me a box of bars to try since I have never tasted them. I’ll put my review up after I try them all!

This week features Wai Lana Yogi Bars, Eat Natural Bars, and Power Bar Nut Naturals.

PowerBar Nut Naturals

clip_image002PowerBar is owned by Nestle, which is enough to turn some people off. There is a 30-year-long Nestle boycott that a lot of bloggers have joined in on in recent years. You can read about the boycott here. As I said in the last installment, I am a little leery of large food corporations, so that would be a reason I might not reach for these first.

I take issue with food companies using the word “Natural” in their advertising because we all think it means something different than it really does! It doesn’t mean healthy or organic or good for you! I would like to help people wake up to this fact, and it’s something I’ve just recently realized since starting to read labels more. These bars aren’t the worst thing for you, but they aren’t organic and do contain at least one fruit on the “dirty dozen” list. They also have “natural flavors,” which also doesn’t mean what we think it does! Argh! Read more about natural flavors here .

Verdict: If this were the only thing going, I’d eat it if I needed something to keep myself from passing out. If there were something else available, I’d probably skip these.

Eat Natural Bars

clip_image004Ah, yes, another company using the word “natural” to pull in the consumer who is trying to eat right! If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might even think the media is in on this, but I do believe that eating organic IS healthier for us and our children, so no, just advertising companies taking advantage of our good intentions (and perhaps being a little trixsy with words).

Again, “natural” does not mean “organic”! I’m guessing it might mean that the product is made from things that occur naturally, but not sure if it means anything like what most people would consider natural. This is an England-based company, with products available on Amazon. I do not know if they sell in stores in the U.S. All of the bars contain “glucose syrup,” which is what they call high-fructose corn syrup in many parts of the world.

Verdict: Probably less likely to eat one of these than I am to eat the PowerBars, which at least don’t contain the amount of sugar that you’d find in a Hershey’s bar.

Wai Lana Yogi Raw Fruit and Nut Bars

clip_image006This company is named after its founder, Wai Lana, a yoga proponent who sells everything from yoga equipment (love this kid-sized, phthalates, phenols, dioxins, and furans free yoga mat!) to DVDs to cookbooks. She wants to share the gift of yoga with the world. These bars are not organic, but I’m intrigued. I love her site and her message. She has lots of yoga stuff for kids, including mats and kid-centered DVDs, and she has a meditation DVD set that helps with anxiety and stress. I NEED THIS!

Bars are gluten-free and naturally sweetened.

Verdict: I would shy away from the bars that contain fruits on the “dirty dozen” list but I would reach for one of these before the PowerBar and EatNatural Bar. Now, I need to get my hands on some of them!

Check out Part 1 of this series here.


  1. great post, as usual! :) I always get inspired after reading these “What’s In It” pots. Seems like the next trip to the grocery store is twice as long, because I’m checking every label!

    My fiance might not appreciate it, lol, but THANKS!

  2. The Powerbars actually taste pretty good. I have only had the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (or something like that). I ordered a few in my last grocery order (peapod in Chicago is awesome!). They were okay, but did not offer the same nutrients and flavor that my Clif Bars do.


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