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ep9promoThe mystical world of celebrity diets filled with gaseous potions and peculiar trinkets is quite puzzling to those who have never entered the world of “celeb-ville”. GiGi Eats Celebrities holds the key to the door of this odd Narnia-like domain, and exposes the truth behind these whimsical fad diets and fanatical fitness trends.

Remember when Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga claimed they followed the Baby Food Diet to achieve their slim and trim bodies? Well, GiGi Eats Celebrities exposed the truth about how Jennifer and Gaga most likely had tantrums while following this ridiculous plan and not just because of the un-chic bibs they may have worn.

Snookie, not exactly a walking health billboard, proclaimed she followed the Cookie Diet to achieve her… Weight loss? But GiGi Eats Celebrities crumbled the Cookie Diet because who in their right mind actually thinks ingesting cardboard cookie nuggets is really going to help trim their rim?

Brain Freeze for weight loss? Uma Thurman fooled everyone into believing she got in superb shape for her movie Kill Bill by spooning ice cream in her mouth. You better believe GiGi Eats Celebrities kicked both Ben and Jerry’s butts and determined that this toning up strategy is nothing but cookie dough.

Moose HornsGiGi doesn’t just Eat Celebrities though, she also Eats Groceries, or in other words, helps people find a realistic approach to healthyeating by distinguishing between the healthy and not so healthy foods that can be found in the supermarket. Say hasta la vista to high-fructose corn syrup laden sodas and say hello to Zevia, a calorie-free, stevia sweetened fizzybeverage that actually promotes your health and opposed to putting a damper on it.

Exposing “celeb-ville” diets and fitness crazes and doling our useful information on how to actually live a healthy lifestyle, all in a comedic fashion, is the foundation of GiGi Eats Celebrities. As long as Hollywood exists, so will GiGi Eats Celebrities.

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  1. gaseous potions? I’m not even a celebrity, but me thinks I’ve consumed some of that. ((fart-belch)) Never mind, it’s just my age. O_O

  2. The celeb stuff drives me crazy! :) Show real people doing real stuff! I never believe what they say they are doing & some of the stuff – craziness!!! I wish more would be truthful so young girls would not fall for this sh*t!

    I love cookies but I sure ain’t eating those cookies! :)

  3. This is so ridiculous!I wonder if somebody really trusts all these methods offered by celebs.