Going the Distance

PictureBy all standards, I would say I’m a pretty average girl. I could stand to lose about 15 pounds, have an inherent weakness for chocolate, get teary eyed watching the end of chick flick movies and love my cat a weird amount.

2012 was a year where I was confronted with a several harsh realities in close proximity. I watched several family members fight like dogs against heart disease and strokes, friends and roommates killed in terrible freak accidents, a dear family friend suffer a fatal aneurysm and more family friends diagnosed with crippling illnesses.  It was the events of this year that inspired me to finally go after a “big hairy audacious goal” that I have been putting off for another day for 2 years: to complete a Half Ironman Triathlon in September of 2013 with absolutely zero previous triathlon experience.

As a certified Group Fitness Instructor, my heart is in the group exercise studio and always will be. I’ve taught fitness classes for Goodlife Fitness for 6 years and it’s become such an enormous and wonderful part of my identity. Taking the step out of the studio (where it’s always climate controlled and dry!) is terrifying, and sometimes I feel like I am way over my head!

Going the Distance is my way of chronicling the long, arduous, and often absolutely hilarious road to the finish line of my very first Half Ironman. I’ll take you inside the studio and give you a glimpse into my world of Group Exercise, share my completely ridiculous stories from the pool and the road, decipher what Going the Distance gear is what, and delve into topics of self esteem and acceptance  as well.

I am going to make it to that finish line in September whether I have to walk, run or crawl the whole way. I hope that you stop by Going the Distance and share your own stories of sweat, laughter and inspiration with me as well.
I’ll see you at the line!!

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  1. All the best with your triathlon training and getting out of the studio! I also love chocolate, it is a good excuse to exercise:)