Making Every Bit Count

1 I am a runner, a cyclist and an overall fitness enthusiast.  I am also a wife, a mum and an owner of a crazy German Shepherd.  I want to encourage people to embrace fitness in their everyday lives.  I truly believe that being active is one of the keys to happiness, even if it is just a result of the endorphins produced!  I blog about all of this in my website  Making Every Bit Count.

I love running and exercising in nature. Living in Australia with easy access to the beaches, the bush  and beautiful nature trails on my doorstep, I am fortunate to not have to worry about joining a gym.  To prevent exercise boredom, I mix things up, alternating my running with cycling and incorporating exercise into my household routines and daily activities.  My favourite piece of equipment is my Garmin which I even use in my house!IMG_2579

My husband, The Cyclist, has a severe incurable case of obsessive compulsive cycling disorder, cycling for many hours every week training for his sport.  I strongly believe, “if you can’t beat them join them”, so I took up mountain biking last year and I absolutely love it, sometimes even more so than running.  It is a great way for The Cyclist and I to bond. He takes my cycling training quite personally. He even built me a fabulous, light (8kg) Specialized mountain bike from various parts.  Although I sometimes fall of my bike or carry it over more technical sections,  I still find myself climbing back on – I must be a bit of an adrenalin junkie.

I believe that being fit and active is encouraging our children to be the same.  It is one of the pillars to happiness and great for the family dynamic too.  We try to build fitness into family time and while on holiday we inevitably drag our sometimes slightly resistant children on bike rides and bush walks.  I don’t think we should let children get away with not exercising just because they are not in the mood!  And guess what?  They finish every event loving it.

We have another more exercise loving child, Crazy Holly, my beautiful German Shepard.  She loves to join me on my runs, but watch out for the dog lead.

With all the running and cardio that I do, there is the injury factor.  At one point I thought I would need a hip replacement as my hips were so sore but it was just that my hips being in pain from having very tight muscles.  Now, I make sure that I do yoga whenever I get the opportunity – usually not a whole class but just a few stretches built into the day.  It is so important to stretch after a long run and if one can find the time to run you can surely find the time to stretch – otherwise you won’t be able to run in the long run!
This year I turn 40 (!) and have set myself a couple of challenges  – to do my first half marathon and a 60km off road mountain bike race, neither of which I have attempted before so it should be an interesting year ahead.

Feel free to pop into Making Every Bit Count  say “Hi” or join the conversation.  I would love to meet you.

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  1. Congratx Robyn and what a great feature. I look forward to seeing more about you and your wonderful approach to a healthy live it or the max life.

  2. Great Post and those are some amazing photos! I’m envious of you for being able to exercise in that enviornment. I’d never get a gym membership!

  3. Hi Joe, I am so lucky to live in Australia – it is called “The Lucky country” for a good reason, really lovely environment to exercise here:)

  4. Sue Goutier says:

    Robyn you are such an inspiration. What a lovely article!

  5. hi, its nice and great posts, ive learn from your post. keep it up, hope to read next of your post, please do follow mine too. how to be healthy and fit

  6. I love reading about you – wherever you are on the net! Great post; and I’m glad you worked out the muscle tightness!