Mom Running on Empty

Sometimes I think being a runner is the greatest thing in the world.  When I’m running I think I can accomplish anything, especially the impossible!  I make plans to run more races, I plot career coups that will shoot me straight to the top of the ladder, and I cook meals you can only dream of in my mind.  In my head there are no piles of laundry, no dishes in the sink and my house is spotless.  Eventually I stop running and return to reality…

I am Sarah and I blog over at Mom Running on Empty where I talk about my reality:  piles of laundry, a career I adore, a whole bunch of races where I strive to maintain a sub-10 minute pace.  I am a working mom with  the most amazing kid in the world, Danger and a pretty fabulous husband too.  This year I ran 2 half marathons, one200 mile relay, 6 5ks and one 4.4 miler.  I have PR’ed 3 times.

Three and a half years ago I weighed almost 200 pounds, and I was unhappy, insecure, and in need of some changes in my life.  I joined a gym and started running.  I found challenges I never thought I could take on.  I discovered I love to spin and run and I’m not afraid of yoga like I had first thought I was.  I learned who I really am and in the process I lost 67 pounds.  I am now a confident, happy person and I have running and the support system it helped me create for myself to thank for it.

I have developed a healthy lifestyle and I enjoy eating better, though sometime I choose not to.  Food used to control me, and consume my thoughts.  It is now a tool to fuel my body as I take on new challenges and improve my life.  I have learned how to balance healthy eating and enjoying the things I love.  The most important habit I have developed in my relationship with food is recognizing the difference between hunger and boredom and managing how I eat to avoid overeating.

As a result of all of these changes I am the best mother in the world, and the best me I can be!  If I am truly honest, I think that might just be the greatest thing in the world…

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  1. Great job Sarah! Congrats on the 3 PR’s this year!

  2. Congrats on all that weight loss and running. Just fell in love with running myself about 4 months ago. There is nothing like it.

  3. Way to go!
    Your story is so impressive!