My First 10K!

Courtesy of Courtney from Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life (who ran her first 10k in April!) On race day, I was up at 6:30 and ready to go! Before leaving the house, I snacked on a piece of almond butter + banana toast for some pre-race fuel. By 7:45, I was down at the 10K Spring […]

When The Money Isn’t Worth It

Courtesy of Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers. Julie is a healthy living blogger who succeed by following her heart, rather than her paycheck. People measure success in varying ways. Happiness. Money. Good friends. Close family. A top position at work. One of the things that stuck out to me about Ryan when we first started […]

Early Morning Workouts: Pros and Cons

Courtsey of Alyssa from Life of bLyss For a “non-morning person,” I’ve been surprisingly happy to pop out of bed at 6 a.m. to bang out a few miles on the treadmill before work. This is where I like to be at 6 a.m. Today, as I was going through this rhythm for the third […]

Getting In Better Shape Than Ever Before!

Courtesy of Gwen from All Things Gwen. Today marks 100 days of conscious eating. I can’t believe it. I USED to be able to eat whatever, whenever and never have to worry about it. People used to be amazed at my appetite. Life was good, especially since I’m a total foodie … until I turned […]

Weight Loss 101: Get Movin’

Courtesty of Gretchen from Honey I Shrunk The Gretchen. I’ll admit that this is the part of my journey to health that I continue to struggle with the most: exercise. 1. Move. That’s it. Just move. One bullet point. That’s my big message for today. Don’t get me wrong, guys. I hate to exercise. Like, […]

Couch to 5K Motivation

Courtesy of Ashley from Oh, Jones… I never thought that I would be writing a motivational post on training for a 5k. I also never thought that I would run a 5k, but this April I did just that. I had this idea to do the “Couch to 5k” program and spoke about in passing with […]

Being SMART in your Fitness Goals

Appears courtesy of Ellen at Undercover Runner Eats. It’s June. We’re halfway through the year and you’re looking back at your (unmet) New Year’s Resolutions and wondering “What was I thinking?”. Lose 20 pounds. Run a marathon. Go to the gym every day. All completely respectable goals. You started out on January 1 with a sweaty […]

What Yoga X Is Teaching Me About Patience

Appears courtesy of Paige at The Gravy Boat. I just finished the second week of the P90X fitness program. I went into the program expecting to be challenged and to struggle. I’m not in great shape. I have very little experience in strength training. I’ve been in an exercise rut that could possibly go on indefinitely. […]

Just Maintaining?

Appears courtesy of Burning It Off. Why Setting Goals is Key to Staying on Track You’ve just spent a year dieting and exercising your way down to your goal weight; people are constantly telling you how great you look and you finally fit into your skinny jeans. So now what? Some argue that the only […]