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Hello! My name is Alicia and I own a small corner of CyberSpace called NeverEverBeenSkinny! Currently living and working here in the Greater Los Angeles area in California. I seriously don’t look like a Californian but I do enjoy what California has to offer nature-wise!

So how did this all start for me? I have been over weight since I was a child and it really never changed as I grew up. After trying quite a few fad diets and hitting the gym then quitting, it gets tiring! After finally hitting my biggest weight at 214 it was time for a Lifestyle change.

After making the decision it was an easy step for me to actually write about it. I had been playing around with the idea of making a blog. Sharing my ups and downs with the whole internet. So there was no escaping, no excuses. It was exactly what I needed!
On July 2012 I started my blog. Started learning about what exactly a Healthy Lifestyle is all about. How to get a healthy Metabolism and even cutting a few calories from your every day food! So far I have lost 17 pounds! I am on my Journey from NeverEverBeenSkinny to NeverUnHealthyAgain!

There has been plenty of challenges in starting this new Healthy Lifestyle. I really had NO idea how to cook, what to do with Muscle Soreness, or really anything to do with Weight Loss. I even just completed a Challenge that required 10 days of eating at home. Now that was a real challenge for me! There is of course a few Mistakes made in the Kitchen which I HAVE to share because its all so new to me!

So be sure to stop by my little corner of the web! Or you can visit me here on Facebook or Twitter!

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  1. Good luck Alicia! You’re on a very inspiring journey!