Sweat Once a Day

I am many things. Among these things, I am a RUNNER… a Marathon Runner, who is obsessed with perfecting Bikram yoga. In the past, I would have never called myself, “a runner." However, it is funny how people grow and change.  Now after running for six years, completing two full marathons, I have found a true love for the sport.  And because I get bored easily, my search for something unique is epic. This led me to a running shoe with a low heel to toe drop, that mimics my natural barefoot stride. So I am now running in a minimalist … [Continue reading]

Undulating … let’s just call it hilly shall we

As usual I spent Sunday 17 February engaged in my second favourite activity: running. The first, before you imagine something salacious, is actually eating cake, and leads quite appropriately to me having to undertake the second. I took part in the Bramley 20/10. Organised by the Reading Roadrunners, it’s a favourite with those preparing to run the London Marathon in April and when given the choice of one lap (10 miles) or two laps (20 miles) I obviously plumped for the longer one. Why? Who knows? Frankly it’s a slippery slope I am on and I … [Continue reading]

Introducing DirtyOldSneakers

I never thought I would be the kind of person who would enjoy pushing my heart rate so high that it would make me sick. Who does that? I was the guy who would look at weekend runners in the park and think, “I sorta get it, but who wants be out of breath for hours on end?” Somewhere, somehow, I made the transition. I don’t question it too much because not only am I happier now than I’ve ever been, but the change has made my life exponentially better. Seven years ago as a 36-year-old overweight guy with high cholesterol and a … [Continue reading]

Stumbling Backward


I talk a lot about the "fitness journey" on my blog and how this journey will last your whole life.  You can't just take care of your body 'sometimes' and expect it to lead to good health and fitness.  Even if you reach a goal, you won't stay there unless you keep moving forward to another goal beyond that.  In the fitness journey, the point is to move forward to either GET fit, BE fit, or STAY fit. Going forward isn't as easy as we'd like to think it is.  We can get sidetracked all the time by everyday things like work, family commitments, … [Continue reading]

Emily Runs


I live a busy life. I work full time, go to graduate school full time, was in the midst of planning a wedding (we were married on May 4!), oh and I'm always training for another race. Finding time to get those workouts in is tough, and it's even tougher to find time for long runs on the weekends (my two days of freedom!) Throughout being a crazy busy person, I've learned some tips on how to make it all work. It is possible to be busy (even as a parent!) and still find time to get workouts in. My first tip is to plan out the week. I’m … [Continue reading]

Dani’s Dish

Dani's Dish

“How did you do it?” I hear this question all the time. How did I go from this to this? I tell people that it’s really quite simple: CLEAN EATING and exercise. I put extra emphasis on clean eating because I truly believe that weight management is 80% diet and 20% physical activity. My journey towards a healthier lifestyle began over a year ago when I looked in the mirror one day and was TIRED of seeing what I saw. I knew I HAD to make permanent changes because I could not accept my ballooning weight and constant crash dieting any longer. I … [Continue reading]

Bigger than Smaller


Hi! My name is Michelle and thanks for taking the time to read. I am a software engineer by trade, but fitness and writing are two of my passions. I have stayed consistently active for over 20 years. I have toed well over a hundred starting lines, teach exercise classes, and am leaner than I was in high school. Getting the eating habits figured out was a much bigger challenge! “Bigger than smaller” sums up what my fitness journey has come to mean to me. What was once a singular desire to lose weight has morphed into so much more. I am now as … [Continue reading]

Half Ass Bad Ass

It’s a story that many of us are unfortunately all too familiar with. I used to be overweight. Actually, if you want to be politically correct, I was obese. I felt miserable within my own skin. I had a love/hate relationship with food. I got winded walking from my office to the train. I’m one of those unique individuals who actually gained weight while owning a gym membership. I made excuse after excuse as to why I couldn’t get myself together. But after a while... even I got tired of the excuses. In the luckiest chance I’ve ever taken- I … [Continue reading]

Keep it SimpELLE


I've heard it so many times before; Knowledge is Power. It's applicable in all areas of life including when it comes to your health, fitness, nutrition and well being. If you went to the doctor and (s)he medication to take each day (I hope) you would ask why. Quite often though we follow programs from magazines and Personal Trainers (just like myself) without asking why or understanding how. Why not be empowered with knowledge? I'm a theorist...I love to learn...and I love to share my knowledge. That's another  fundamental of Keep it … [Continue reading]