D is for Don’t…


wish you could be someone else For all you know, they're unhappy too I'll be the first to admit that I'm thin. It's honestly my body type. I'm tall, small boned and have a metabolism that has served me very, very well over the years. I've had … [Continue reading]

Is it better to eat local or organic?

Health and Fitness Blog - Local of Organic

Honestly, I don’t think this question has a right or wrong answer.This topic is highly debatable amongst scientists, environmentalists, and the healthy living community, but whichever you decide, you are supporting healthy growing … [Continue reading]

6 Biggest Exercise and Nutrition Myths Busted

Health and Fitness Blog - Nutrition Myths

The world of health and fitness is such a great world to be a part of and there is an endless amount of knowledge to be gained about such things like exercise and nutrition. There is also some myths that I hear often. I hope to debunk some of those … [Continue reading]

Are You A Marketers Dream or Are You Grocery Store Savvy?


Appears courtesy of Dishin’ About Nutrition. What you do at the dinner table has more influence on your waist line than what you do in the gym. A combination of diet and exercise is ideal but let’s be honest, with a busy lifestyle sometimes … [Continue reading]

My Road to a New Me

Health and Fitness Blog - Road to a New Me

Appears courtesy of The Motivational Girl. I've been maintaining my window range for 1 year now and I've got to say, its been fun, its been tough and its been enlightening! I've learned more about myself over the last year than my entire life. … [Continue reading]


Fitness Blog Giveaways

It’s Sunday and that means you can link up your blogging giveaways and contests! Check back every Sunday to either promote your giveaway or find great stuff to win. Below is a picture linky tool.  Load a picture of your giveaway item or service … [Continue reading]

Weekly Honor Roll: Your Best Posts


Below, please link up your best posts from the week to give everyone a chance to find your blog and read something they may have missed. Please sign up using the membership box in the right sidebar or by clicking this link if you are using the … [Continue reading]

Do You Have A Run Track Mind?


My name is Rebekah, also known as Becky, Becs or Bekah and I have just as many interests as nicknames but my real passion lies in all things running, natural health and new discoveries. My natural lifestyle includes the Eat Clean diet and I have … [Continue reading]

Athlete’s Plate: A Full Day, Healthy Menu

Fitness Blog - Athlete's Plate

This weeks healthy menu is brought to you in honor of John from Training Smoker fame.  John is pure inspiration.  He was a 1 pack a day smoker who has done 2 marathons, 2 half-Ironman races, a century and is registered for Ironman Florida this … [Continue reading]