Boston Marathon Recap

Appears courtesy of Making a Run For It. I know I was very public about this yesterday, but I’m going to voice this one more time. Boston, I love you. This may ramble on, and I don’t apologize if it does.   packet pickup! When I started receiving more heat warning emails from the Boston Athletic Association […]

Karen’s First Marathon Experience

Appears courtesy of Karen at Havasu Hustlers. At 5:30 we found a line to stand in for the port-a-potties. It was the slowest line too, I swear! We were still about 6 or 7 people back when we heard the first gun shot go off for the wheel chair participants. Then it seemed people started […]

Austin Half Marathon Race Recap

Appears courtesy of Cheetahs in Training. Yesterday started with the usual pre-race fueling: tall glass of water, cup of coffee, and PB & Banana on wheat toast I arrived downtown at 6am, one hour prior to the start. I decided not to check a bag since my car was parked only one block from the […]

ING Georgia Marathon Recap

Appears courtesy of In My Tummy…and on my mind. Once upon a time, I ran a marathon. Specifically, in March of 2007. I’d gotten into running two years prior and had completed two half-marathons and several shorter distance races. Before I discovered healthy living blogs, I discovered running blogs. A lot of these runners were […]

Dallas White Rock Marathon Race Report

RACE REPORT Friday – December 3, 2010 On Friday my goal was to get down to the expo for packet pick-up for Karen and I ,and then cruise the floor looking to drum up some interest in Marathon Makeover.  Lesley from Racing It Off and I had been exchanging text messages because she was going […]

Marathon Training Vlog

After watching Katie’s video, reading her story, and looking through her site, they were overcome with the desire to start blogging their own transformation, to start taking control of their life for the first time and to maybe, one day, run their first marathon like Katie is training to do.

Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon

I spent the last weekend travelling to Las Vegas to Run the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon chances are you probably already knew that as that’s pretty much all I’ve been talking about lately.

Here’s my summary of the weekend and the race: I arrived in Las Vegas late on Friday night. By the time I made it to my hotel room, it was almost midnight which is still early when you’re in Vegas, right?

Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon Race Recap 2

I have to admit that the coarse became less exciting at this point. We were no longer at the strip and were running in the residential areas. This was the time I turned on my iPod and started listening to my running playlist. There were a couple of cheerleaders and some rock bands in designated areas in the course, but I zoned out already and it was just me, my music and the pavement.

I also saw other runners throwing up…

Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon Race Recap

Good morning, Vegas! I was asleep by 9:30pm the night before and was awake by 3:30am. I actually woke up before my alarm! Excited much?