A Woman’s Syndrome

I just finished my first half-Ironman triathlon. Yes, me.  Yes, the one in the picture.  I thought I would be on top of the world after such a feat, especially considering how far I have come in only a short year.  I went from not being able to run two miles, to a race that […]

Swim, Bike, Ruh-Ro

Appears courtesy of Katy from Katy Widrick. Alternate titles for this post:          Was that a Bee or a Bullet?          How Much Jank Can Come Out of One Person’s Nose?          Bored on the Bike          Cycling Makes My Hoo-Hah Hurt          Imagine if I Had Trained!          Banana Gels Makes for Banana […]

CapTexTri Race Report

Before I break down the segments of the race I want to first say Thank You to all of you for your well wishes leading up to race day, then during race day and all the congratulations after the race.  It means so much and truly helps to know that you are all there to […]

Ironman Texas Volunteering Race Report: The Epic Weekend

Ed. Note This is our first volunteering race recap and I thought it was a wonderful tribute to all the people that make those races possible! Big thanks to the volunteers! This may be the best race report I ever write because it will be from the perspective of a volunteer and not that of […]

70.3 Ironman California: Lessons Learned

This guy will not pass me. I wrote my 70.3 Ironman California race report and posted it yesterday, but it has taken me some time to come down from the highs and lows and truly evaluate my performance. I am my harshest critic and so I have a tendency to not appreciate the ability and […]

70.3 Ironman California Race Report

First Sign You See To Let You Know You Are Racing 70.3 IMCA Before I start discussing the event I want to again say Thank You to everybody who helped support me in my journey to my first half-ironman.  It was a lot of work.  There was a lot of sweat, blood and even tears […]

Recap: JackRabbit Indoor Sprint-ish Triathlon!

Appears courtesy of Steff Says. You can also read more about Steff’s adventures in her first 5K that wasn’t even that long ago! Just call me Steff the Triathlete.  Ok, you can hold off on actually calling me that until I finish do a legitimate outdoor sprint tri this summer. But I must say, the […]

Toyota US Open Trialthon Championships

WARM-UP Phone alarm goes off at 3:25 and I’m expecting the wake up call at 3:30a…..nothing.  Nothing at 4, 4:30 and I was out the door by 5am…..thank goodness for my blackberry with alarm clock. Headed down to the transition area to get marked and prepare my transition area.  Had a clean setup and went […]

Celebrate 2010: Life of An Aspiring Triathlete

2010 started out like any other year in regards to health and fitness. I planned to workout and train and enter a few races here and there, whether triathlons or running events.

But it turned out far from ordinary.