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When I received the email that I was going to be a featured blogger, I instantly felt incompetent. Even though I live an active lifestyle, participate in racing events on a monthly basis and write a fitness blog, I questioned my expertise. What could I possibly have to share?

Turning to friends and family for suggestions, I received multitudes of enthusiastic responses. Requests for best running gear, pushing through awful runs, avoiding injuries, proper cool-down techniques, picking the right race, balancing career, family and fitness. Suggestions were endless. Every idea resonated with me, but ultimately, while reflecting on what my goals were when I started blogging, I decided to write this post for the newbie.

We all start somewhere. Some start early participating at the high school level. Others, like me, stumbled upon running on accident, merely looking for a way to stay in shape not expecting a relationship to emerge.

I started running in a serious way (that means not just running to the end of my driveway convinced I lack the ability to go further) in February of 2011. The first time I stepped onto the pavement, I checked my form. How do I get it perfect? I felt the pressure to do this right immediately. I almost caved as I looked longingly at my front door already feeling the warmth and comfort that my couch would bring me. But that would not get me to my goal of becoming a runner. Neither would critiquing myself every time my foot hit the ground in an odd way or I breathed a little too hard. I was going to have to go at this my own imperfect way.

If you are reading this post or follow my blog, then I already know that you are interested in running, but maybe you are unsure about the time commitment or you think that running is too painful, reminiscent of those horrible fitness tests in high school that were administered by a drill sergeant gym coach. I am here for you – the beginner, the novice, the timid person who desperately wants to wear a number and complete a 5K. I am here for the beginners to tell you that you can do it!

Running has offered me a lot of opportunities. I have learned the limits of my body, which turn out not to be many as long as I am willing to try. I have met awesome people at the various races I have entered. I have learned that I am deserving of the title: Athlete. You can do this, too. It has been said that it takes about 20 days to break a habit or, in this case, start a healthier habit. That is why I am creating a 20 day challenge to kick start your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.

Being physically fit isn’t just a reason to fit into your jeans. Physical fitness clears your mind and helps you fit into something more precious than a pair of skinny jeans.- you begin to feel that you fit into you, that you are comfortable with yourself. Self-esteem is something we think is handed to us once we leave high school and enter the adult world, the “real world,” where everything is suppose to be better. Yeah, not true unless you are that one percent that seem to always feel okay with who they are.

I am not a doctor or a certified personal trainer. I am a runner who is here to share some of the techniques that have helped me find success. Take my advice for what it is – simply advice. Tweak what I give to you to fit into your daily life. Make this challenge personal to you so that you will succeed. Also, I am from the St. Louis Metropolitan area. So, I may be including a lot of local stuff along the way. If this part doesn’t apply to you, post a comment or two about where you are and your local resources. Let our fellow runner/readers who are taking this challenge with us have some more options. Spread the love – share, share, share this challenge so that we can support each other in our goals.

The 20 day challenge goal of the day will be listed at the beginning of each daily blog post. The first challenge is about balancing your daily, chaotic life. Check it out and come back each day for more tips and stories.


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  1. I think you nailed it! great subject! I’m sure a lot of people can relate.