Running to the Kitchen

Hi Fitbloggers! I’m Gina and I write the blog Running to the Kitchen where, as the name suggests, I talk a lot about running and the fun food I create to fuel it.

Running to the Kitchen

Running was not always my passion. In fact, despite growing up playing soccer, I actually despised running. Chasing a ball around the field? Sure. Running just to run? No, thanks. Fast forward to my late twenties when I found myself about 20 pounds overweight and just discovering healthy living blogs, a spark ignited and I had this out of the blue desire to run a 5K. I attribute this to the peer pressure of healthy living blogs. clip_image002 After I completed my first 5K race using the Couch to 5K method, I was unstoppable. I’m a competitive person by nature so progressing to a 5 mile race and ultimately, a half marathon was a no-brainer. I was hooked.

Running to the Kitchen 2

Food, unlike running has always been a passion of mine. I was the kid that ate everything and I grew up loving to cook. Neither of those have changed, but now I approach food with a slightly healthier spin. Food fuels my running so I try to consistently put the “good stuff” in my body to keep it going.

I hope you’ll come stop by and check out my running page to see what races I’m up to next and my recipe page to see all the delicious food I’m cooking up. You might see a few fury friend pictures too. I have a slight obsession with my weimaraner, Ginger…

And if you do stop by, make sure to say “Hi,” I promise I don’t bite. You can also find me on twitter and facebook if that’s more your style.

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