Running with Three Boys

DSC_0093aExcuses, we all have them!  I know I have had my fair share of them and yes at times still do.

At 30 I really began to put on the weight.  I did not work out, ate horribly and had every excuse in the book as to why I could not change.

For eight years I was a stay at home mom, devoted to volunteering at my children’s school, and even became President of the schools PTO board. I returned to the work force and quickly put on 20 pounds.

In January of 2010 I attended a formal ball and did not recognize myself in the pictures from the night before.  The person in the pictures was not the person I saw in the mirror. After that night I knew it was time for a lifestyle change. I began my journey to being fit.

RunningwithThreeBoys is about everything from my boys and party planning, to fitness and healthy eating. It’s an insider’s view of life with a training schedule, a family, and a fair share of chaos.  If I can do it, so can you!
Here are some of my personal favorite posts:

I hope to inspire others in fitness, health, and maintaining an active lifestyle! YOU are amazing.

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  1. Enjoyed reading a few posts on your blog. Congrats on all your accomplishments and transformation!

  2. It sounds hectic, I have one boy and one girl and that is busy enough!! All the best with your training and lifestyle change:)

  3. Thanks Robyn! Good luck to you as well.