Skinny Minnie Moves

DSC_0212Ever wonder what it takes to become a Skinny Minnie?

Is there a trick? Something you’ve been missing out on? Well, maybe. But it’s also adjusting your lifestyle and wanting it for YOURSELF.

Let me start from the beginning. My name is Katie, but I’ve been called Minnie my whole life by my parents. I’m a health and fitness lover, and Skinny Minnie Meals machine!

By day I work as a surgical Physician Assistant in Baltimore, by night I work as a beast in the gym! This past year I have lost around 40-45 pounds, turned into a Skinny Minnie, and gained beautiful muscle tone by learning to cook smart healthy meals, and keeping my heart rate up in the gym. I wasn’t always this way. I am a typical woman. I’ve yo-yo’d for the past 10 years with my weight, been at “too thin” lows and then gained it right back. I then wondered why can’t I keep it off? What am I not doing here?

It wasn’t until the end of summer in 2012 that I decided to make a change in my workout habits. LIFTING! Ladies please don’t cringe at this. It’s a question I am asked every single day “Why do I have to lift? I’m scared I will bulk up like a guy”. This is physically impossible for the female body to do unless you take some sort of steroid or supplement. Our bodies are physically and genetically different than men. We do not have the same amount of hormones. The level of testosterone that a woman has in her body is equal to the amount a 10 year old boy has. Have you ever seen a huge 10 year old boy with bulky muscles? Me neither!
Each day I post my detailed workouts, with how much weight I lift, and how many repetitions and sets I complete. Think of it as a free personal trainer! My posts are loaded with inspirational and progress pictures and I also feature a daily original Skinny Minnie recipe. These are healthy foods that are friendly on your waist line and taste good too! You’ll also follow my life as a full time working gal and mommy to my puppy Phoebe Buffay (yes that’s her name).My blog focuses on bringing awareness to women that lifting should be a part of their daily fitness routine. Whether you want to lose weight, firm up, or look like a sports illustrated model, it’s the perfect way to do so. By gaining muscle, you speed up your metabolism and burn fat at a faster rate. Sounds like a good idea to me!

I work hard for my shape and healthy heart. I’m not the girl who is able to sit on the couch, eat a gallon of ice cream and still look fabulous. I have to earn it! Plus, lifting has changed my life and the way I see myself. I feel strong, beautiful, and ready to tackle the world! It has done wonders for my self-esteem and made me happy all around.

So stop doing those endless amounts of cardio (yes mixing it in is fine, we still have to do it!), and pick up a weight! It’s the key to success.

I hope to inspire women everywhere that BUFF IS BEAUTIFUL!

My favorite Skinny Minnie recipes:

The Katie Wrap- Vegetarian Friendly!

Frozen Monkey

Almond Crusted Chicken Tenders

Skinny Minnie Clean Granola

Clean Eating Corn Chowder- Vegetarian Friendly!

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  1. You make lifting sound like something worth giving a go!!! Well done on your weight loss achievements.

  2. Congrats on your transformation! I love lifting too but don’t do it as much as I should right now because I am training for a race! Not a good enough excuse but it’s what I’m sticking with for now!