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I remember a time when I used to claim that I “didn’t have time to workout.”  I look back now and realize that everyone has the time to do anything that they are passionate about.  The truth is; it wasn’t that I didn’t have time to workout, but rather I chose to spend my time doing other things.  The real problem was that I simply didn’t find fitness fun.

The key to living a Sweetly Balanced life is finding that perfect balanced between doing what you love and pushing yourself to make healthy decisions.  A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Always make sure you are working out for the right reasons.  Being healthy doesn’t always mean being skinny.
  2. If you absolutely dread doing it, then it’s not worth it.  I spent years trying to make the treadmill work for me, until I woke up and realized I needed to actually get outside in the fresh air to realize how much I loved running.
  3. Try something new.  I’ve tried everything from snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, flying trapeze, and even adult gymnastics, just to keep things interesting.
  4. Find something to keep working for.  One of my favorite ways to keep motivation is by signing up for races.  Another great motivation? Knowing that you can give into sweet indulgences later on.
  5. Remember that rest days are important and giving into guilty pleasures are even more.

Fitness is a part of my life.  I love the energy and the adventure that comes along with it.  I love pushing myself to reach those goals.  I love trying my hardest only to fail and try again.  It took me a long time to find fun in fitness, but now that I found it, I can rest at night knowing that those extra cupcakes are the perfect balance to my new passion. ;)

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  1. It is so important to make fitness part of your life, as you have done. I hate working out in gyms and also mix my training up – running, swimming, cycling – a sweet treat is a great reward:)