Waisting Time


Once upon a time I went on a diet.  And I reached my goal weight.  Then, as is often the way, I went off the diet.  And I gained the weight back.  My name is Karen and I am a reforming yo-yo dieter.
Honestly, I thought I finally had it figured out.  The whole “it’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle” thing.  But somewhere on the way to maintenance I took a detour and am still working to find my way back.  But I remain confident.  And I keep trying.  And I adapt and change.  And learn from my mistakes.  Most of the time.  And I write about it all.  The ups and downs, the successes and missteps, the struggles and epiphanies.

I love words.  I love semantics.  I love puns and analogies.  I love having a conversation with readers.  I love when I read or write something that makes me think.  And question.  I question a lot.  Sometimes I find answers, but not always.  I love the little revelations that have come with blogging.  And the big eye openers.  But most of all, what I love about blogging is the sense of community.  The connections. karen cropped

I’ve shared a lot of myself on my blog.  I told readers about the many diets I’ve tried.  And how it took me years to go from the girl who was chosen last in gym class to someone who exercises everyday.  I’ve admitted that my goal is to have a normal relationship with food rather than to reach a magical number.  I’ve confessed that I don’t handle moderation well, especially with my ever growing list of trigger foods like bagels and peanut butter.  I’ve shared how while listening to a basketball game on the radio I had a light bulb moment.  I’ve talked about my long bike rides with my husband and a new found love of yoga and an attempt to bring some zen into my life.  I’ve explored old ideas and coined new phrases.  And now and then I go off topic and share one of my many idiosyncrasies or brag about my boys or just write about something timely or not so timely.  It is much more anecdotal than informative – just writing from my heart.

I’m not a fitness expert; I’m not a weight loss expert; I’m not a foodie or a social media guru.  I am a work-in-progress.  I am honest.  I am thinker.  I am someone who accidentally discovered a love of blogging on the way to living a healthier life:)  And I’d love to have you visit!

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  1. I look forward to and enjoy you posts so much. I’ve been reading your blog for as long as I’ve had one myself and you are a gem of a lady. Thank you for being so fantastically you Karen!

  2. Your words certainly make me think and question the reasoning behind my own weight-loss and fitness goals…in a good way. And reading your blog has made me realize that, even with it’s ups and downs, gains and losses, trials and tribulations, I LIKE my own work-in-process because it has given me the opportunity to get to know myself better, to try new things, and to meet fantastic people like yourself. Had I been “perfect” from the get go, I’m afraid I would not have ever needed to ask those questions you talk about…and that would have just been boring.

    We are very fortunate that you have a love for words and sharing those words…and for your openness and honesty. Your’s is definitely a blog to add to the favorites!!

    • Some people say everything happens for a reason and if that is true, I’d have to say the reason I have regained weight in the past was to lead me to blogging and the amazing community out here:)

  3. What a lovely and honest post! I look forward to visiting your site and reading more. All the best!!!

  4. Karen, I love your blog for so many reasons – the honesty, humor and humanity – and most of all because of your compelling voice. Glad to see you featured here on Rita’s great site. :)

  5. Thanks for the kind words and continued support, Shira:)